It’s well said that during Pressure and Stress the real identity of the person is revealed, During an Interview you may be very well versed upto 25 mins but after that people start speaking the truth because of the stress factor, and that is when the real Interview starts.

Why People can’t perform good during Pressure and Stressful situations?

1- Focus on the Outcome and the Result

When our aim is to win at any cost, then by default we include Stress and Pressure in the Task. This is the sole reason which deteriorates the performance of a Capable Person. So, Focus on the Competition and not on the Competitors! Work Hard to improve your quality for any particular task and not on to prove yourself the best.

2- Proving yourself the Best and Dominating others

Mankind has faced various disasters like WW1,2 just to dominate the Globe. This domination was not led by the countries but was led by the so called leaders of the country. They wanted to dominate the entire globe and be the best. In the same manner, We people continue to follow the same path in our respective field of dominating and winning against others. And if we get unsuccessful then our Ego,self esteem gets hurt and Pressure starts building in the process.

3-Let’s take a Case Study:

Person A preparing for Civil Services Exam, He has promised his family that he’ll be the best and will prove his ability to the Society in term of his knowledge and Caliber by qualifying the Civil Services in his very first attempt.

Person B preparing for the same paper, His main focus is to study well and qualify.

What do you think that among these 2 who is going to perform well?

Person A has taken an undue pressure by promising his parents and will effect his Ego if unsuccessful. His energy will be wasted in managing the stress and pressure which he has created during preparation.

Person B will surely qualify as he has no liabilities with him. He will enjoy the process of preparation.

So, What’s the Learning to counter Stress and Pressure?


1- Improve your Will Power and Determination

Set up targets for yourself, Divide a Target into small targets and mark your performance. Gradually you’ll see a change once Successfuly Completed. Include Exercises and live a Scheduled lifestyle, if you are successful in achieving your objectives your Determination and Self Belief will automatically increase.

2- Enjoy the Process of your Work

If you’ll enjoy your job then no pressure can decay your personality. But for this you have to find your area of interest, Enjoy and Learn from your job. Invest time to build your own Craft and Individuality.

3- Don’t Focus on the Outcome and avoid your pre conceived negative ideas

Whenever you feel pressurised or like giving up in a situation then take a deep breath and focus on the solution of the problem . As a person gets angry during stress and wastes his time in thinking for all the negative outcomes. So, Be a wise person and focus on the solution without any insecurity you will surely do it!

The points I have mentioned needs rigrous preparation, Remember, God gives his toughest battles to its bravest soldiers! So, take this challenge and work on your ability to work under pressure and transform yourself to be an effective Leader!

All the Best!