There are plenty of people who go through this inner crisis of demotivation, now you will be thinking that what’s there to feel happy, it’s because you are not the one going through this state.

Years back i was also sailing on the boat of demotivation where dejection & stress were my best friend, I was exhausted by rejections & failure 🙂

Let’s start investigating the root cause of demotivation !

1- Not able to fulfill our dreams & aspirations.

2- Following a boring lifestyle with no change in our daily routine.

3 –Lack of charisma & spark for our future goals.

4- Pre conceived negative mindset.

5- Comparison of talent,wealth & assets with our fellow people resuting in poor belief & self esteem.

Now, let’s focus on getting inspired on daily basis.

With my experience in the training field i’ve realised that motivation is directly proportional to your goals & challenges in life which should be practile & possible to acheive keeping our capability in mind.

1- Ask yourself a question, The goals which you’ve set is yours or a complelled goal of our parents or loved ones. If it is a borrowed goal then a very simple answer, CHANGE IT NOW!

2- Don’t focus on the result or outcome, focus on the core development & learning. If you get depressed with slow result then it won’t last long.Shift your vision in improving as the more you sweat in peace the less you bleed in war!

3- Exercise & medidation are the best healers, Try it for a month- Get up early at 5am, hit the gym,run & swim. Positivity will kiss your soul & you’ll have 100 solutions for a single problem.

4- Bring change in your lifestyle pattern & improve your future vision. If you feel that you are not enjoying your job and a monotous life is being tumultuous on your demotivated soul, then trust on yourself is a must. You don’t have to think the odds of the job,rather focus on becoming the master in your field. Research about your field & implement for your growth.

5- Please surround yourself in a good company, Human behaviour is the outcome of group we live in. If we have negativity then forget about positivity.

The conclusion lies in implementation, I wish you all the best to restart your life cycle & get inspired for an ecstatic lifestyle!!