What do I do when I am stressed because of my family problems?
Stress caused by those close to you is hard to escape. As they say, “You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family.”


Work and financial problems

Unemployment, working long hours and other financial or work-related problems can make family obligations difficult. Not making enough money or living in poverty, for example, creates economic strain in the household and can increase stress levels. This can result in constantly worrying about money and not being able to meet the needs of your family. Being unhappy with your job or having little time to spend doing other things can also lead to family stress

Issues with children

The presence of children in the household can also be a source of stress. Excessive arguing between siblings can also contribute to family stress by disrupting normal patterns of interaction

Chronic illness or loss of a family member

Illness of a family member or a loss of a near one breaks you, You feel as if it’s the end of life and nothing can bring happiness without them.

Unrealistic expectations from family members

No one is perfect. If you expect to do everything right all the time, you’re destined to feel stressed when things don’t go as expected

Religious Conflict

Another stress causing issue on the lengthy list of family problems is religious conflict. The parents follow a particular faith and the adult child follows a diff path.

Lack of Social Connection among the family members

In todays time love and compassion is overcome by technology, we people are more focused on Facebook, WatsApp and updating status that we don’t give quality time to our own family members thus increasing a social gap among ourselves.


Balancing Work and Family

Working and bringing up children often is challenging. During the tough times, remember and focus on why you made this choice. There will inevitably be conflicts between work and family responsibilities, so prepare as much as possible. Build up your support network, emergency funds, and your own energy. Use effective coping strategies and don’t put impossible pressure on yourself. Plan ahead, get help when you need it, and look for creative solutions.

Take the ownership and responsibility

You don’t have to see the family members fighting and cursing among themselves, Take the initiative in motivating and encouraging your family to fight against all odds. There is a solution for every problem, Play a supportive role not a destructive one!

Encourage Positivity

Environment is the most important factor in building the attitude of a person, So, encourage positivity. Refrain yourself from being a negative element when your positive ideas and energy can alter the negative scenario.

Stress fighting techniques

1- Take care of yourself. Use stress management techniques and be alert to any symptoms. Take time for relaxation

2- Remember it’s not meant to be easy, but any problems you have will have been overcome by many parents before you. Search them out to use as a sounding board

3- Take advice from people whose opinion you trust, and get specific advice when issues arise

Anticipate and prepare for problems before they arise,keep communicating with your family members, and take the time to ease their worries
All the Best! Live Happy!